16 Jan

Out Now: The Real by Masha du Toit

Masha du Toit’s latest science fiction novel offers a glimpse into an alternate future Cape Town, where alien technology has irrevocably altered the people and the landscape.

The Real is the sequel to The Babylon Eye.

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Three children, abandoned by their parents, manage to scavenge a living in what remains of a seaside resort. But when some strangers occupy the nearby dilapidated circus, they’re in more danger than they can possibly know.

Meanwhile Elka Veraart, a returning character from du Toit’s The Babylon Eye, finds herself on the run with her cybernetically-enhanced dog. She’s been framed for a crime she didn’t commit, a crime that carries the death penalty.

Old enemies and Elka’s own dark past threaten to catch up with her and draw the children into harm. Can she save everyone, including herself?