30 Nov

Out Now: Of Magic & Memory by Cristy Zinn

Announcing the launch of Cristy Zinn’s new book!

Ava’s mother’s secrets and her own burgeoning magical powers put her in danger from those who hate magic. But magic is the only way she can save her friends. And herself.

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Of Magic & Memory is the story of Ava, a girl struggling to understand her magical abilities after her mother’s sudden death.

When she discovers that her mother lead a double life, quietly caring for the winged Russet and his twin sister who live in the nearby mountains, she has to question everything she remembers about her past.

But there is someone in her town of VanVere who hates magic, someone who will go to great lengths to rid the town of it, including trying to have Ava kidnapped. With Ava spending more and more time with Russet and his sister, the added attention on her threatens to expose her new friends.

When all their lives are in danger from someone even more damaged than her, Ava will have to find the power in her own magic and memories to save them all.