Zane Marc Gentis

Zane Marc Gentis

Zane Marc Gentis is the mild-mannered alter ego of an even more mild-mannered real person, sitting at a computer and writing this bio in the third person. He grew up on a wine farm in South Africa surrounded by a loving family, but didn't let the lack of a tragic back-story prevent him from avoiding normality.


To date he's published one horror short story and sold a feature-length screenplay. His (deeply mysterious) past includes many social experiments, such as a bit part in which he acted as a pair of monstrous hands in a movie, and as a show narrator for a burlesque company. Currently he's busy writing a web serial and two pieces of interactive fiction for a game design portfolio. When these are done, he hopes to return to writing novels, his first love.


Somehow Zane still finds time to work two day jobs, have a respectable social life and do some part-time studies. Yes, he is just as surprised as you are, and recommends that you follow him on twitter or his infrequently updated blog to make sure he's still alive.