Lood du Plessis

Lood du Plessis

When Lood du Plessis was a kid, he discovered books, a discovery that would later change his life. As a teenager he went on to work in book retail and after he completed his degree in criminology, he moved into the book marketing and later book distribution spaces. With a particular interest in content and database marketing, he designs retail IT, loyalty and CRM systems for the beauty industry as a day job. He is also the co-owner of a book retail sales and distribution consultancy firm, builds websites (like this one) for a hobby and a contributor to the changing face of small press, indie and self-publishing.


Lood brings website and marketing experience to the Skolion table, as well as advice on retail sales and distribution, commercial viability and effective use of platforms in reaching audiences.


He likes to read YA fantasy and dystopia, as well as traditional sword and sorcery, but he’s been known to dabble in genres not within the speculative fiction realm.


Lood spends his free time watching bad television, reading Harry Potter fanfiction, designing and experimenting with new recipes, looking for interesting food-related places and herding his cats. His life motto is “good friends, good food and good wine”.